Welcome to the K5KTF Central Texas Amateur Radio page.

VE Session information

Due to recent overwhelming interest and being a small facility,
we are now limiting sessions to 20 participants, so please email
jim@k5ktf.com to register for the session you wish to attend.

14611 Wells Port Dr
Austin, TX 78728
1 Light east of Thermal Dr on Wells Branch, head north about 1 mile on the right.
We will have signs up pointing to the door on the left side of the building, 2 doors back.

Every other 1st Saturday of the month, we start at 10am Central.
Cost: $15 cash, check payable to James Kinter, and now Plastic! (via Square)


When you pass your initial exam, you have the opportunity to take the
next level exam for no extra fee. I highly encourage everyone who does
pass to at least try the next level, even if you havent studied.
You will get to see what you may need to study for.

If you do not pass, you may retake the exam for an extra $15
and you will get a different exam booklet.

If your General or higher license is expired >2 years, bring
printed proof of your previous license, take the Technician exam,
and upon passing,you will receive a "paper upgrade" to your previous
class license. You will be assigned the next sequential callsign. If your
old call is still available, you would need to file for a "vanity" call
to get your old callsign back.

When you pass, DO NOT LEAVE until you sign and
receive your CSCE certificate

Once you pass and get your CSCE, in about 2 to 3 days, you will receive an email from the FCC to the address on your 605 form.
It will contain a link to your CORES account to pay THEIR $35 fee.
If you do not receieve the email after 3-4 days, log in to your CORES account and look for a link/button to pay their fee.
Once the fee is paid, you will get your license and callsign, and can get on the air immediately.
Rumor has it upgrades will not require this fee.

If you know of a club, group, or information not listed,
email it to Jim@K5KTF.com

QRZ and Gigaparts have a New Ham Jumpstart Program!
New hams who have recently obtained their first license from
the FCC may apply for a welcome package

Dont have a radio yet?
Install Echolink on your phone

Jim AF5NP has done a really informative site for new hams

Austin Club
Williamson County Club
Hambuds (Cedar Park)
Milam County Club
Bastrop County Club
Heart Of Texas Club
Central Texas Club
Bryan Club
U.T. Club
Oak Hill Club
Hays-Caldwell Club
Temple Club

CENTRAL TEXAS ARES (Amateur Radio Emergency Service)
ARRL South Texas
Travis County ARES
Williamson County ARES
Sign up for ARES in South Texas

Texas VHF FM Society (Repeater Coordination)
Repeater Book

MSET (Motorcycle Special Event group)
Central Texas DX & Contest Club

Weekly Nets (all times local)
Time : Net Name: RF Frequency MHz(PL tone/mode)